Why You Need to Visit West Hollywood in 2024

A cocktail to try from every neighborhood in the heart of Los Angeles.

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West Hollywood is not just a city but a mosaic of culture and history, composed of the Sunset Strip, Santa Monica Boulevard, and the Design District. This area stands out for its dynamic restaurants, top-notch shopping, and historic sites. A glimpse into this city’s heart can be caught by visiting some of the trendiest bars that define its unique character.

At Bar Next Door, Brynn Smith crafts cocktails that pay homage to the Sunset Strip’s rich history, bringing together Hollywood’s glitz and the raw energy of rock ‘n’ roll. Each drink, like the Olive Drive Martini, is a nod to lesser-known local spots, making the bar an emblem of L.A.’s iconic scene.

Meanwhile, Holy Water offers a different flavor. Tucked away off Santa Monica Boulevard, it embodies community and discovery, welcoming a diverse crowd to experience its hidden charm under the warm California sun.

In the bustling Design District, Gracias Madre serves up plant-based Mexican cuisine in a setting filled with lively energy. It’s a celebrity favorite and a must-visit for anyone exploring West Hollywood, promising a memorable dining experience on its inviting patio.

Source: Excerpt from [Why You Need to Visit West Hollywood in 2024 by Rebecca Strassberg]. For the full article, visit their website.