If it's About Design, It's in the West Hollywood Design District

Nestled at the foot of the Hollywood Hills , between California's golden coastline and Los Angeles' historic downtown civic center, West Hollywood's Design District is the premier West Coast cultural destination. Featuring more than 250 showrooms, shops, galleries, salons, restaurants and cafes, from high caliber interior design and cutting edge couture to haute cuisine, trends start here.

75 Years of Design in the District

Since 1949, creative visionaries and cultural influencers from across the globe have chosen the walkable radius of Melrose Avenue, Beverly Boulevard and Robertson Boulevard as their West Coast home.

In the words of Billy Zane, “West Hollywood is responsible for developing the foundational elements found in all design. Its hub-like destination hosts the world’s most influential creative community that marks it as the singular most innovative Design District in the world.”

In 2024 we honor those who created this foundational legacy of Design and celebrate those who continue to create and innovate in the West Hollywood Design District.