Vittorio Bonacina Exhibition at Niche

Niche celebrated 125 years of iconic Italian design on February 12th, showcasing Vitorrio Bonacina and the 3rd edition of “The Last Swan,” filled with works of Master Architect Renxo Mongiardino in the famed Angellini family homes and gardens.


Niche was exceptionally proud to present to some, and introduce to others, the historic and luxurious Vittorio Bonacina line in their West Hollywood showroom. With over 125 years in production, the Bonacina legacy has influenced interior design for decades. Guests had the opportunity to meet Antonia Bonacina in person, as well as taste a vibrant selction of Italian wires curated by renowned Silver Pin Sommelier Stacie Hunt of Du Vin Wine & Spirits.


The Bonacina pieces live in some of the most luxurious places all over the world, and now, at Niche through Tuesday, February 24th. Stop by the Niche showroom in the West Hollywood Design District to experience the luxury of the past and present.

Photo Credit: Rochelle Brodin Photography/Contributor, Getty Images