Summer Hair Tips from Marco Pelusi

Celebrity hair colorist Marco Pelusi shares with us his inside tips on how to achieve the best summer hair color.

The renowned hair authority recommends a simple trick for all hair colors to help achieve flawless summer hair: go light! Pelusi says a few highlights or lighter pieces can add a shine for brunettes and redheads. Blondes too can accomplish a summer boost by going a shade lighter.

Marco Pelusi Summer Hair Tips

For those of you who like to be on-trend, maybe a “sombre” is what you need — a softened, summer ombre. This style strategically places lighter shades towards the ends of your hair in a natural, blended fashion.

Marco Pelusi Summer Hair Tips

Pelusi also suggest that whether you’re adding just a few highlights or receiving a total hair makeover, it’s imperative to use products that prevent premature color fade and nourish both your hair and scalp. Using a leave-in conditioner will do wonders! Simply apply the leave-in when you step out of the shower before styling– your hair will be left soft and manageable for the rest of the summer.

For more tips and updates from the hair extraordinaire, find Marco Pelusi on Facebook and Twitter, or stop into his studio at 636 N. Robertson Boulevard. Photo Credit: 1, 2