Stephanie Hirsch Transforms De Re Gallery

Utilizing mix media, Stephanie Hirsch examines her own self-discovery and metamorphosis in her recent solo exhibition at De Re Gallery. Owner Steph Sebbag seeks “great artists, who’s body of work not only captures the eye but the imagination,” and Hirsch’s illuminated and colorful canvases, complete with beads, sequins and embroidery, do just that.

Titled Transformation, the show opened March 19th in the design district and brought artists and enthusiasts alike to the contemporary art gallery.






De Re Gallery Owner Steph Sebbag with Terrell Owens.



Artist Stephanie Hirsch and Minotti LA owner Mary Ta standing in front of her purchased piece.



The exhibit will be on display through April 11th. Learn more about the artist here, and head to De Re Gallery at 8920 Melrose Avenue to view the works on display.

Photo Credit: De Re Gallery and Getty Images