Christopher Guy-Where Modern Royalty Meets Art Deco Glamour

With showrooms in more than 40 cities throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, the luxurious home-furnishings brand Christopher Guy has inspired people with elegant products and creative displays all around the world. Visitors to the West Hollywood Design District can now be dazzled by their new window series, one that summons the nostalgia and glamour of Hollywood’s cinematic golden age, and fuses a variety of authentic movie props with the brand’s iconic furnishings. Here’s a look into their creative process…

“I don’t start from a color palette,” said Marvelli, “I start from a feeling.”

This feeling is what led to the eye-catching displays of Christopher Guy—prop dinner service, ceramic pieces, throw pillows, cigar ashtrays, champagne bottles, flute glasses, etc.—all encased in glass at 8900 Beverly Boulevard, West Hollywood. Alessandro Marvelli is the design genius behind our windows, a man of Movie, TV and Music video production experience, who recently completed work on Gwen Stefani’s latest music video, ‘Baby Don’t Lie.’  Marvelli relocated to Hollywood from his native Italy in 2007 and has worked on some 23 feature films and 140 TV, video and commercial projects.

“Christopher Guy is the opposite of our mass-production, throwaway culture.” Marvelli continues, “Every piece is handcrafted, taking as long as it takes to complete. I met in person with Christopher Guy Harrison, and immediately appreciated his artistic point of view, and the unique opportunity he provided me.  He is re-creating an older ethos – a golden age of quality, excellence and elegance.  This made it easy to stage the windows with studio artifacts representing the best of Hollywood’s highest style.”


The windows are dressed with props and accessories from the Warner Bros. Property Department. “We have the golden bull’s head from Stanley Kubrick’s Warner Bros film, Eyes Wide Shut,” Marvelli beamed, “and also in gold, the Egyptian Anubis dogs that would have been used in historical epics. Then there are everyday items which help create a film’s mood and tone.”


The objective and inspiration of these windows was to fascinate the audience through optical power. Instead of the classic in-boxed window display, these designs were made to give our viewers a glance of our large interiors but through a unique visual representation. “One of the main assets of our showroom,” CG Visual Designer Melissa Klink added, “is that we push feelings and emotional reactions into the dream-world. The windows are an example of the essence of CG furnishings, where modern royalty meets Art Deco glamour.”


These intriguing windows will be on display through Spring 2015. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the “CG Experience,” and this addition will make our showroom even more of a destination venue in the West Hollywood Design District. Through decoration and dressing, we have aesthetically brought back an old Hollywood reality feeling inside the “impossible world”.

For more updates and inspiration, connect with Christopher Guy on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter. To see the window display, stop by their store in the West Hollywood Design District at 8900 Beverly Boulavard.

Photo courtesy: Christopher Guy Team

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