5 Tips to Designing the Home of Your Dreams with Rose Tarlow

Rose Tarlow has been located on Melrose Avenue in the West Hollywood Design District since 1976. Tarlow’s small shop was the most ideal location imaginable back when it was Melrose Place, and is still coveted today.  

A staple of the neighborhood, Tarlow’s aesthetic has been a timeless treasure for those looking for eclectic pieces to add to their home. After catching up with Rose, we were able to hear her take on optimizing your home decor. Take a gander at these famous Tarlow Tips to help guide designing the home of your dreams!

The Perfect Treasure (Antique/Heirloom)
An antique you have picked up at a vintage store or an heirloom passed on from generation can be the perfect statement piece for any home. Having something that no one else has can be very personal when placed in provocative surroundings. Tarlow says, “it is the unexpected, whimsical touches that often give a room its charm”.

Earth’s Color Palette
Tarlow believes that designing with God created colors in nature is the optimal choice, while borrowing accents from a painters palette. Color in a home is like visual nourishment, so you use it with great discretion and respect.  Another Tarlow tip, is to try using various shades of one unifying color throughout the main rooms. This gives you a neutral canvas to work with. You can now use color as if it were jewelry: provocatively.

A Resting Place
A place to set your head at night and a place to seat yourself during the day, according to Tarlow, are two important pieces to the interior design puzzle. As sensical as these places sound, they can sometimes be overlooked. We may find ourselves focused on the outer appearance of our homes for guests to ogle at.  It’s important to remember that  behind the facade, you must set your resting place, as these are the places we frequent the most.

A Place to Dine by Candlelight
Having a table to dine by candlelight was an unexpected tip from Tarlow, but what a beautiful notion. Why not create a place to indulge in serenity while having your night time meal? These simple pleasures allows for gratification and well being. Find time to treat yourself to a dinner by candlelight with your significant others and bask in the luxury.  

Creating Harmony
The cohesion of functionality and style are both a necessity in creating beauty, but Tarlow’s concentration is with harmony. Harmony is an important sense when designing interiors.

Finding a peaceful place to retreat is what every person deserves. Familiarity with your space is key to harmony. Tarlow says “ there are those who spend lifetimes in houses that have nothing to do with who they really are. They may be perfectly designed, yet if they fail to reflect the personalities of the people who live in them, the very essence of intimacy is missing, and this absence is disturbingly visible.”

This notion is important to reflect on when developing your home’s aesthetic, make it your own and harmony will follow.

Visit Rose Tarlow Melrose House at 8540 Melrose Avenue in the West Hollywood Design District