Registry Gifts No One Asks For, But Should

With the advent of wedding season upon us, soon-to-be-married couples are busy finalizing their wedding details and registry. A true specialist in the art of gifting, Liz Solomon of Mayfair House recommends three practical registry gifts that couples rarely ask for, but should.

Did you know that people spend a third of their lives in bed? The most personal space in the home is the master bedroom, especially for new couples, so why not create the best sleep sanctuary possible? In order to achieve a great night’s sleep, there are a few key items I recommend to consider adding to your registry that many don’t consider: a mattress, quality sheets and blackout shades.

1. A New Mattress

Mattress from Custom Comfort Mattress

Mattress from Custom Comfort Mattress

A new couple deserves a mattress that is uniquely and exclusively theirs.  Waking up rested does wonders for a relationship, so take the time and effort to work with a professional establishment that can address both of your comfort preferences.  Plus, a new mattress makes an excellent group-gift registry item.

2. Quality Sheets

Sferra linens and bedding, available at Mayfair House in the West Hollywood Design District

Sferra linens and bedding from Mayfair House

Nothing feels better than getting into a bed adorned with luxurious, quality sheets. Bedding specialist Ben Naples from Mayfair House advises clients to consider more than just thread count: “trust your hand, and most of all, have fun selecting something together as a new couple. Make the space truly yours!” Linens are one of the most popular items that new couples register for, so be sure to add all the components to ensure the perfect slumber.

3. Blackout Drapes/Shades

Blackout shades available at the Shade Store, located in the West Hollywood Design District

Blackout shades from the Shade Store

Sunlight is nature’s alarm clock; it may be welcomed, but not when it disrupts sleep. Add some blackout drapes and shades to your registry to complete the perfect sleep environment, regardless of the time of day.

Whether it’s to get some restorative sleep, or to shut out the rest of the world, these registry gifts from the West Hollywood Design District can help newly weds focus on a wonderful new life together from the comfort of their bed.

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