Welcome our New Neighbors in the West Hollywood Design District

New stores have opened here in the West Hollywood Design District. Drop in to meet your new neighbors!


A charming new shop, BLOCK & CHIP, has opened at 369 N Robertson Blvd.

The new store unites products and works of art from artists around the world and locally. Block & Chip brings together a rustic, down to earth loft style that is consistent throughout the entire store. Block & Chip specializes in homeware, furniture, rugs, fine art, accessories, bath & beauty, and much more.



Another addition to the West Hollywood Design District is CENTERLIGHT, located at 9020 Beverly Blvd.

Centerlight’s brand new showroom introduces a full spectrum of modern designs, so that one can feel more connected with their home and workplace. With their new advancements in LED lighting technology, Centerlight has an array of unique products to offer customers. These can be described as the perfect fusion between modern design and leading edge technology, making Centerlight the iconic symbol of modern LED lighting.



MONTANARI GROUP is a new neighbor in the design district who recently opened its doors at 8921 Beverly Blvd. 

Montanari Group boasts a beautiful showroom fully decorated with new collections in lighting, kitchen, closets, tables, sofas, and much more. We would like to give Montanari Group a big congratulations as they were featured in the March issue of Architectural Digest. Their products were featured all throughout John Legend’s home in the issue.



LEICHT is another new neighbor of ours who opened its doors recently in the Design District at 8761 Beverly Blvd

LEICHT is a German line of modular cabinetry with a large selection of finishes available that can be easily customized. The LEICHT brand has inspired confidence and certainty for more than 80 years. LEICHT’s showroom displays powerful, contemporary aesthetics based on principles of architecture and function. The modern designs, quality, attention to detail and high flexibility of customization makes LEICHT kitchens unmistakable.


Don’t forget to stop by and welcome our new neighbors here in the West Hollywood Design District.