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If there’s one thing the Design District is known for, it’s luxury; from high fashion retailers to ultra-luxe furniture showrooms, the district has it all. Originated in the early 1970s, the Luxury Living Group sought to create a furniture line that combined visual aesthetics and detail, soon leading them to a collaboration with the fashion brand Fendi. Luxury Living continues to carry out their original mission, bringing the best brands in luxury into their portfolio: Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, Kenzo Maison and Vladimir Kagan New York. The team at Luxury Living Los Angeles shares the details and inspiration for Trussardi Casa, their newest collection, fit for the Angeleno lifestyle. 

Trussardi Casa, Luxury Living’s newest collection offers Angelenos a line that embraces every aspect of daily life. Launched in 2014, Trussardi Casa is a made-in-Italy collection intended for young and cosmopolitan consumers, sensitive to the appeal of a minimal, but at the same time well-defined design.

Luxury Living, located in the West Hollywood Design District

Understated motifs and clean lines evoke a fifties mood giving a modern twist through attractive, casual solutions. Furniture designed to naturally and coherently blend in with international ambiances. Trussardi Casa offers a dynamic, Milanese style, true to the understated luxury and effortless elegance typical of the brand of the Greyhound.

Luxury Living, located in the West Hollywood Design District

A selection ranging from sofas, armchairs, tables and accessories – co-designed with Architect Carlo Colombo reflects essential aesthetic rules based on sleek, perfect proportions defined by geometric lines that are never sharp and always inviting.

Luxury Living, located in the West Hollywood Design District

The color palette is inspired by earth hues: warm natural shades ranging from cognac to sand with cocoa, enriched with decorative themes in soft dusty blue blended with light grey.

Luxury Living, located in the West Hollywood Design District

Perfect for loft living to a home in the hills, the Trussardi Casa collection can now be previewed at Luxury Living’s showroom. The line’s newest pieces which debuted at the IMM Cologne Fair this past January are simply cool where the discreet glamour so typical of Trussardi stands out.

To shop the Trussardi Casa collection or other Luxury Living products, stop by the store in the West Hollywood Design District at 308 N Robertson, or follow them on Pinterest or Youtube.

Photo (1) Credit: Michelle Park  Photo courtesy (2-5): Marissa Cornejo

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