Italian Influence: 50 Years of Lighting With Artemide

Located on Beverly Blvd in the West Hollywood Design District’s, lives one of the most seasoned Italian design firms around, Artemide. Artemide hails from Italy, and over the past 50 years, has been an industry leader in innovative lighting manufacturing. Artemide stands out from the rest with its “Human Light” philosophy placing people and the pursuit of their well being at the core of their research.

Artemide was founded in 1959 by Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza, by the guiding philosophy, places humanity at the foundation of their design. Artemide’s quest is to satisfy the human need for lighting in the most ingenious ways. The phrase ‘made in Italy’ signifies a level of quality and unique design.

Stepping into Artemide’s showroom you will find that their products do not conform to trends. Their designs are the perfect blend of technological innovation and traditional hand-craftsmanship. Artemide also has 3 main collections: Design, Outdoor, and Architectural products.

Artemide lighting is used for an array of applications, including residential and commercial use. They have also created many custom projects, working closely with architects and designers. Some of which, have been award-winning collaborations with some of the world’s most talented designers including Naoto Fukasawa, David Chipperfield, Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, Karim Rashid and Herzog & De Meuron.

Artemide’s most recent collaboration on display in the West Hollywood Design District Showroom include Ameluna, designed in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Style, and Discovery, designed by Ernesto Gismondi. The current window installation features photography by Pierpaolo Ferrari, an Italian photographer known for his surreal images and work with fashion brands such as Kenzo and MSGM.

Aligned with Italian tradition, Artemide makes their own glass utilizing the knowledge and techniques of centuries. Using both cutting-edge technology and time-tested traditions, Artemide is able to create sustainable designs.

Their exceptional manufacturing ability was developed over time and clearly translates into their work. Vision, values, research, and their humanistic approach in their work translates into beautiful pieces.  When looking for your next statement lighting piece be sure to explore the Artemide Showroom.

Visit the Artemide showroom on 9006 Beverly Blvd in the West Hollywood Design District.

Photos by Pierpaolo Ferrari