Flow State: A Serene Exploration of Tranquility at Art Angels

Art Angels invites you to step into a realm of serene abstraction with “Flow State,” an exhibition curated to serve as your oasis of tranquility amidst the commotion of Frieze Art Week. Delve into a collection of intriguing works across various mediums: hand-blown and painted acrylic wall sculptures by Paul Rousso, acrylic-on-acrylic discs treated with wind, water and fire by Christopher Martin and acrylic-on-canvas paintings by Flore inspired by the New York School of painters from the mid-20th Century, each adorned with calming, organic tones and fluid movements. 

As you navigate through this vivid showcase, you’re encouraged to take a moment of pause, allowing the gentle rhythms of these pieces to guide you into a state of lush contemplation. Join us in experiencing the soothing power of art, and reconnect with your inner calm in “Flow State.

Catch them at the ArtWalk on March 1st! They will be open from 10am to 5pm.
ArtWalk After Dark Reception at 5-7pm