Five Kitchen Trends and Tips from Alberto Snaidero

As the grandson of Snaidero’s founder, Rino, Alberto Snaidero is proudly carrying on his family legacy as the operational manager at Snaidero USA. With a worldwide reach, a finger on the pulse of kitchen aesthetic trends, and a keen eye for design, Snaidero shares with us five design tips for your kitchen.


With our roots in Italy, we’re sometimes asked how European kitchen trends translate to other parts of the world. While differences can affect aesthetics, there are still universal trends that simply work because they are functional, beautiful, and time-tested, no matter the space.

We recently discussed kitchen trends that have had a worldwide impact with a collection of architects and designers from around the globe witnessing these trends firsthand. I’ve collected some of their perspectives here, as well as some tips on how to apply these trends to your next design from our own West Hollywood-based design team.

1. Style doesn’t begin and end with White

While an all-white kitchen has been a top kitchen trend for some time, interior designers around the country report that there are homeowners who are going for a bolder palette or at least aren’t afraid to mix things up a bit. Even when the chosen palette is primarily neutral, the use of high gloss lacquer in brighter colors can be a welcome touch.

Our Design Tip:

Even if you don’t have a penchant for dramatic color statements, there are still ways to create a livelier kitchen. For instance, you can pick amica-based lacquer. The mica flakes in the lacquer varnish give the finish color reflections that change depending on how the light hits the surface. You get to stay neutral while bringing more variety to the look of your kitchen.

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2. Playing with Contrasts

Whatever the homeowners’ comfort level with color, contrast seems to be a sought-after ingredient and can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Contrast can be created not just through color, but also through the use of different materials or different design styles: wood with concrete, stainless steel with bright lacquers, a reclaimed table as an island with modern cabinetry—the options are endless!

Our Design Tip:

Make sure the contrasting elements don’t clash with but highlight each other. There should be a feeling of harmony even in the presence of contrast.

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3. Open Shelving

Open shelving is easily one of the fastest growing kitchen trends right now, regardless of whether you choose to go contemporary, traditional, or anything in between. Whenever you introduce shelves, the objects on display become a part of the design.

Our Design Tip:

While open shelves can break the monotony of a cabinet row and add character to your kitchen, they have to be done right. In fact, this is an element of your design that can easily get out of hand if you try to stuff too much on each shelf or don’t select the right items to display. When that happens, the result is clutter…not design. Maintain a sense of balance and mix up the type of items you put on your shelves.

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4. Fun Countertops and Backsplashes

Countertops and backsplashes can be a way to add in more interesting elements to a more classic style or design. However, some are also taking a completely different direction through the use of mirror backsplashes. Whether antique, tiled, or crisp and clear, mirror is a versatile element that can add light and visually expand spaces.

Our Design Tip:

Try to keep an underlying level of simplicity even when you mix colors and materials. Balance should be your friend. For example, if you choose a very elaborate backsplash, try to keep the countertops minimalistic so that the backsplash can become the visual center of attention.

If you really want to go with a variety of textures and finishes (perhaps even having two different types of countertops), make sure that one element of the design functions as unifier by picking up the color palette or texture of the other elements.

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5. Designing with Light

LED lighting is being largely used, in a variety of ways: as strips under the cabinets, as recessed surround ceiling lights, under the countertops, in the toekicks, and in other unusual places to create design patterns. At the same time, chandeliers and textured pendants are being used to mix things up and add drama to streamlined kitchens.

Our Design Tip:

Plan for your functional, task-oriented lighting first, and then figure out the ambiance and accent lights you can add to complete the design.

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For more updates and inspiration, connect with Snaidero on Facebook or on their blog. To view these design trends in action, stop by the showroom in the West Hollywood Design District.

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