The Finest Shirt, Perfected by Seize sur Vingt

James Jurney, Co-President of the luxurious men’s label Seize sur Vingt, introduces us to their newest shirt model from a design and technical perspective. Not only are their products sleek and finely tailored, each detail is also designed to be indicative of today’s urban professional style. Feast your eyes on the finest shirt born in the West Hollywood Design District.


Our newest shirt model, internally known as the SV15, is our proudest achievement, our best ever, and we think perhaps the ultimate shirt–one that has been greatly influenced by our experience in West Hollywood.

For our first LA boutique, putting down roots in the West Hollywood Design District was truly an inspired decision. The sense of design permeates everything in the neighborhood; we’re constantly reminded of the role that design plays in all elements of shelter, utility and function. Thoughtful design gives the individual a role in the creative process, to create a world for oneself, to “own” one’s own style. In essence we gain both shelter and plumage in the same moment.


One of the greatest challenges in our approach to design is to thoughtfully incorporate over a century of menswear tradition with modern influences and design cues. Elements of the SoCal lifestyle have been creeping into our design consciousness since 2001, when we introduced our second shirt model, specifically designed shorter to be worn untucked (a novel idea at the time!), and we named this shirt the “LA Tail”. Only then did we give a name to the original longer design: the “NY Tail”.

Strong WeHo/LA influences in the SV15 model include other subtle but significant new features. The most visible is a little tweak we’ve dubbed the “LA Button” to distinguish from the “NY Button”, which is simply a ½” shift up in position of the 2nd button (the “LA”), to put it in the optimal spot for loosening up just a bit, while avoiding a Magnum PI look. NY’ers typically stick with the top button (the “NY”) for a more high-and-tight look. Now all bicoastal types can shift seamlessly at the airport.

Other specs of the SV15 read like a menu of the finest selection of details ever know in men’s tailoring, plus some new features. We’ve rejuvenated a rare and difficult technique known as the “manica girata”(meaning “rotated sleeve”), we put 22 stitches per inch in our seams, we craft our shoulders with a “mitered, split yoke” and carefully match all stripes and checks for the strongest visual impact. We even laser-engrave each of our shirt labels, as our shirts are all individually named and number limited editions. The list goes on, too much to summarize here.

For more updates and inspiration, connect with Seize Sur Vingt on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. To try on the SV15 or any of their finely tailored shirts and suits, stop by their store in the West Hollywood Design District at 8618 Melrose Avenue.

Photo courtesy: James Jurney

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