Ethical Design & Rug Manufacturing: A Discussion

A timely discussion titled “The Unseen Hand: Craft, Design, and Social Change– How the Design Industry Can Transform the World” hosted by Dwell brought attention to child labor in rug manufacturing and highlighted current efforts for sustainable design. The panel discussed the authority designers have to not only make ethical and informed decisions on rug sources themselves, but also guide their buyers’.


The panel discussion included Scott Welker, director of business development of GoodWeave, Shirley Shivhon, founder of Shivhon Rugs, Kristi Nelson of KMNelson Design, and West Hollywood Design District’s Ahmad Ahmadi of Ariana Rugs, Inc. dwell-good-weave-blog-2

Ariana Rugs Inc., an Afghan-American Company, has been committed to ending child labor in the rug industry and beyond. Not only is Ariana known for their innovative techniques and sustainable practices, but they also have a child-labor free environment and a foundation allowing for women workers to feel safe and independent.

Image courtesy of Peter Christiansen Valli

Learn more about the positive efforts made by GoodWeave. For more on the event, read the coverage by Dwell. Images courtesy of Peter Christiansen Valli.