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Ben Soleimani is nothing short of a visionary. Coming from four generations of rug purveyors, he developed his love and expertise of texture and learned how to utilize it to unparalleled effect in his coveted designs. Never satisfied with the status quo he went as far as developing his own weaves and textures, the first to incorporate unusual and unexpected materials (utilizing sustainable materials long before it was de rigueur). He quickly became known throughout the design community as an innovator. Soleimani has been on the forefront of modernizing the once staid rug industry and has been instrumental in turning rugs into a multi-billion dollar force with past projects such as Mansour, Mansour Modern and Restoration Hardware (RH), he left both to focus solely on his eponymous brand.

An urban developer as well, Soleimani is widely known for the Melrose High Street project, a regentrification of Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, which is now a world renown haven for the most unique and innovative brands.

Soleimani is finally turning his passion, unique expertise and perspective to his own brand. Ben Soleimani’s eponymous line is founded with the mission: Provide luxury for your home without compromising quality thus forever changing how people design and shop for their homes. Each offering has his signature aesthetic–refined design paired with a singular appreciation of texture. Soleimani’s vision is a lifestyle destination for those who desire the best quality, design, and service to enhance their lives and create a sanctuary within their home.

8650 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, California 90069
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