A Look Inside the Hidden Gallery of the Denenbergs

As veteran connoisseurs in the fine art world, Beverly and Stuart Denenberg have spent over a decade turning an architectural landmark, in the West Hollywood Design District, into a private gallery space that the LA Times calls “an artful experience.” The Denenberg Fine Arts Gallery functions as both a home for the Denenbergs and a richly curated exhibition space of antique and contemporary pieces making it a must-visit for all Los Angeles art enthusiasts. Stuart Denenberg gives us an inside look into their story and the diverse range of fine art available for viewing on San Vicente Boulevard.

Denenberg Art Gallery, West Hollywood Design District

When we moved to West Hollywood from San Francisco’s Pacific Heights, and bought a 1960s Modernist, even “brutalist” house on San Vicente, all our Northern California friends protested, “But you’re Victorian people!”

Surprise! The art world is dynamic; context determines a lot about who we are, who we think we are, what we do, and how we feel. The beneficent weather of Beverly’s home town, Los Angeles, the creative energy of West Hollywood, and the love of family brought us here 12 years ago. It has been an increasingly precious perch, and we continue to feather the nest, most recently bringing long neglected landscape planning into focus—watch our space in about two months!

Works of art are microcosms and artifacts—they are places we can go to discover order and ecstasy; and they are the evidence of trips taken by gifted manual laborers whose work product tends to be viewed in galleries and museums.

We surround ourselves with an extraordinarily eclectic array of works of art, from old master drawings to contemporary sculpture, and everything in between—because in truth, there is no “in-between” from the perspective of connoisseurship.  Rather, a seamless historical carpet weaves on. It’s a brash reminder that abrupt shifts—Pop in the 1960s when I was defending figuration (!)—are standard in the field.

Past installation of the work of Robert Beauchamp from the 1960s:


Robert Beauchamp
UNTITLED, Circa 1960
Oil on paper, 18 ¾ x 23 ¾ inches

The following works demonstrate the eclecticism and range of the rest of our gallery. On top is a De Lap that is almost purely visual. On the bottom is a Duez that is far more content-rich and culturally significant for the history of science.  Both have such radically different types of aesthetic merit and demonstrate an enormous range of interests we have.

This De Lap is an optical dazzler:


Tony De Lap
“MIZAR” 1965
Silkscreen on paper
20 x 20 inches

This Duez is a thoughtful portrait of the man who invented Pasteurization, among dozens of other medical and scientific innovations that keep us healthy:

Denenberg 3

Ernst Ange Duez
“Louis Pasteur” Circa 1870
Pastel on paper
10 ½ x 14 ½ inches

We hope you will discover our hiding place—our oasis of visual and intellectual pleasure.  Although we are only open by appointment—please call—and see what lurks beyond the raked stucco walls of 417 North San Vicente Boulevard in the West Hollywood Design District.

Photo courtesy: Stuart Denenberg

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