How to Create Drama with Wallpaper from Phyllis Morris

The ever talented Jamie Adler, owner of Phyllis Morris, shows us how to create decorative drama and fantasy with wallpaper. Carrying on the colorful legacy of her mother, Adler fully transforms a space with the use of this unexpected addition.

Walls are probably the most underutilized spaces in a home. Many people simply resign to hanging a painting or photos on their walls and “call it a day.” Yet, those who want to make a statement beyond the furniture know walls can create an entirely new mood, shift the energy in a room, make a small space appear bigger, and create a dramatic statement in a relatively economical but oh-so-stylish way. Since the advent of digital printing, more selections of wallpaper and murals than ever before have made their way into the marketplace, so there’s no reason not to consider it for spaces where a bright paint color sufficed before.


Phyllis Morris Vie en Rose Wall Covering


I really love bouquets of rich, red roses and thought it would be wonderful to be surrounded by hedges of them; thus I created the Vie en Rose design for the ultimate floral statement. Just a small amount of this paper’s bright red acts as an accent that can liven up a powder room, a bedroom wall, or even a chic girly boutique – and this classic paper goes a long way visually. 

Drama in decorating was a trademark of my mother Phyllis Morris, and she wasn’t shy about going big with wall design. I always suggest to my clients to not to be afraid of even the biggest of patterns for the smallest walls. The play on scale is a great trick to create instant drama.

Phyllis Morris Superstar Wall Covering

 Our best-selling SuperStar! wallcovering is drama incarnate with its oversized black and white faces.  This was the first paper in our collection, and it came to fruition quite spontaneously.  I asked my photographer to put a stack of posters on a wall behind a bed in our showroom. Someone soon called asking how much the “wallpaper” was, so we made up a price and then got it printed– that’s really how it all started!


I also took the idea of floating butterflies, and through the use of varying scales, I made our Chanteuse wallcovering a sea of fluttering creatures, some up close and others in the distance for a sense of spatial depth. Walls are a great surface for creating illusions – just think of them as a theatrical backdrop to your lifestyle. The illusion is up to you…and there’s the perfect wallcovering out there ready to transform your world!


Phyllis Morris Chanteuse Wall Covering

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