Co-Branding Our Design District

Over a year after announcing our rebrand to West Hollywood Design District, we are thrilled to see district businesses co-branding with the new logo.

The district’s new logo can be seen on retailer’s websites, press releases and event invites. The co-branded collateral creates a united marketing effort and strengthens our destination’s brand awareness. That being said, the more uniform and together we are as a district, the more we increase business and awareness of the district as a whole.


A Note From Our Chair

“I have always been a big fan of what I dub the ‘trickle-out’ effect. When one business is successful, it ‘trickles-out’ to neighboring businesses. By co-branding our businesses with the WHDD identity we create a sense of place and community. This allows consumers to identify with a physical location and produces a state of mind too.

The more our customers identify with the specific experience of shopping in the West Hollywood Design District the more often they will visit us. And when they visit one business, they may just stop into a neighboring business as well.

The Board of the WHDD thanks you for your continued support and we look forward to branding together in the next year!”
Darren Gold, Chair of the West Hollywood Design District


Co-Branding Ideas

Destination branding is a term thrown around to describe how an area creates its own identity. Not only that, but an ambiance and a value that consumers expect when visiting areas such as the West Hollywood Design District. To create this value and identity, we must all come together to promote our community.

There are many things we can do to bring ourselves closer and provide this experience for our consumers. Below are a few examples from your district neighbors.


Event Invites – “Robertson Blvd Block-Party Celebrating West Week”

event invite 2


Business Cards – Dream on Beverly

“We are honored to be in the West Hollywood Design District, where people from all over the world can find the best aspects of design in one central place. Community branding not only helps me be the best asset to my clients, but allows me to support my neighbors and community. I have never felt so much community involvement like I do here in the West Hollywood Design District.”
Gary Trudell, Principal of Dream on Beverly / Custom Comfort Mattress

dream card final


Websites – Centerlight.com

logo image


Thank you to our Community Partners

Thank you to our district businesses, the City of West Hollywood and community for embracing and supporting our new identity. If you would like to add a logo to your collateral, please contact:

Anne Van Gorp
(310) 289-2534