“Classicism with a Modern Twist”: Arteriors’ Latest Guest Designer

Recently celebrating their first birthday at their Melrose location in the West Hollywood Design District, Arteriors has proven to be a neighborhood favorite and leading vendor of luxury lighting. Seeking to constantly find innovative ways to create timeless pieces that also appeal to “design lovers with up-to-date sensibilities,” Arteriors’ latest guest designer Windsor Smith does just that with her forty-piece collection debut.  

Windsor Smith’s guest designer collection for Arteriors nods to classicism, but also incorporates her own unique and modern twists. She boldly pares down iconic motifs of Greco-Roman detailing to a new simplicity, and then uses finishes reminiscent of Danish Modern. The juxtaposition of the time periods and materials create an appeal that feels both now and timeless.


Windsor describes the story behind this collection as “Renaissance girl meets urban boy”…it is about opposites. “I like using feminine and masculine elements, architectural and soft elements, to create a dynamic that I find really intriguing. The Crete Lamp is the perfect example of a feminine laurel form in a masculine, hard metal,” says Windsor.

Crete Lamp by Arteriors, available in the West Hollywood Design District

“Fashion influences my design in a powerful way. I’m really inspired by iconic jewelry pieces. The Athena Sconce is a perfect example of that,” explains Windsor. “It’s very feminine and mystical, it’s both glass and metal and it’s reflective.”

Athena Sconce by Arteriors, available in the West Hollywood Design District

“While the Atlas Sconce is faceted and strong, like a man’s watch bezel.“

Atlas Sconce by Arteriors, available in the West Hollywood Design District

Windsor’s favorite piece in the collection is the Elis Bench.

Elis Bench by Arteriors, available in the West Hollywood Design District

“I love the way the gray suede plays against its geometric form. I think it’s the ideal mix of modern and Renaissance.”

“I wanted a classic line that is also really incredibly sexy, and Arteriors gave me the opportunity to do that. I’m selecting motifs that feel really familiar to us, but at the same time they’re drawing us into the future. My goal is that every piece in this line will be the heirlooms of tomorrow.”

Thea Lamp by Arteriors, available in the West Hollywood Design District

Windsor Smith is the fourth guest designer Arteriors has worked with. We feel that offering another designer’s point of view different from our own helps keep our assortment fresh and pushes us to explore new materials and finishes. For this collection, we gave Windsor the creative freedom to design pieces she’s only imagined. The result is a beautiful collection that is elegant and luxurious, while remaining practical and useable…and as she promised, the heirlooms of tomorrow.

The Windsor Smith for Arteriors collection will be available at Arteriors West Hollywood in May 2015. Stop by the store in the West Hollywood Design District at 8620 Melrose Avenue. For more updates, connect with Arteriors on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.