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The West Hollywood Design District is a cultural destination for high-caliber design, art, fashion, dining, beauty and more. Trends start here. More than 250 global visionaries and creative leaders have chosen the walkable radius of Melrose Avenue, Beverly Boulevard and Robertson Boulevard as their West Coast home.

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``The West Hollywood Design District is both a local and international destination for culture & design. It is a rare combination of accessibility and aspirational excitement… we are surrounded by some of the most exciting and visionary talents in fashion, dining and design that exists anywhere in the world.``
One word: Provocative

— Jamie Adler

President and Brand Director, Phyllis Morris

“Our four founding partners live in various part of Los Angeles: Los Feliz, Echo Park, Silverlake and Studio City. And yet we commute to our studio on North Robertson Boulevard because being in the West Hollywood Design District is one of the best business decisions we’ve made. We are within a short distance from most of our favorite vendors and dealers and, most importantly, our clients love coming to us because they enjoy spending time in the area. West Hollywood is such a mixed bag of creative and urban energy…we love it for that.”

— Roman Alonso

Co-founder and Creative Director, Commune Design

“In 2009, we relocated from Los Angeles to our stunning space in the West Hollywood Design District because it is the capital of glamour and luxury.”

— Robina Benson

Owner, Niche

“My business has been located in the West Hollywood Design District for almost 20 years and for me there is no other place I want to be. The positive energy, creative atmosphere and colorful characters that populate this city make my creative juices flow and my business flourish!”
One Word: Vivacious

— Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Principal, Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design

“West Hollywood Design District is the center of the high-end design world. It’s where it all began.”

— Nancy Corzine

Owner, Nancy Corzine

“Design and Style are practically synonyms for West Hollywood. For several decades WEHO has invented and defined the leading edge of high style and smart design and this retrospective gives us a look.”

— John D’Amico

Mayor, West Hollywood

“The West Hollywood Design District is me and I am the West Hollywood Design District. Wherever I travel in the world, I look forward to coming back here to the place where I feel the most comfortable. It is a place unlike any other.”

— Silvio de Mori

Owner, Il Piccolino Restaurant

“West Hollywood has a 100 year history known for attracting the unusual, the creative, the non conformist, the exuberant, the flamboyant, the notorious, the scoundrel, the genius and the absurd. This is the energy that flows through the entire city, including the beautiful Design District.”

— John Duran

Councilmember, West Hollywood

“In the West Hollywood Design District, design is open, creative with no boundaries. I am blessed to breathe in all of this beauty and creativity that is Cali-Modern freedom.”

— Karen Weber Figilis

Owner, KFWB Design Marketing & Consulting

“The West Hollywood Design District is the perfect mix of all things: design, art, creativity, fun, and coolness, part gay, part straight, part old school, part new-school. Plus, it is in the perfect location between Beverly Hills and Hollywood-close enough that people from the film industry can pop over during lunch.”
One Word: Dynamic

— Darren Gold

Fashion and Retail Consultant

“Location, location, location! The West Hollywood Design District is California’s premier location for furnishings, making Beverly Boulevard the natural choice to open our flagship showroom.”

— Christopher Guy Harrison

Owner, Christopher Guy

“We chose our store in 1994 on North Robertson Boulevard because of its great location in the heart of the West Hollywood Design District.”

— Karen Harautuneian

Founder, Hub of the House by Karen Harautuneian

“Since West Hollywood’s incorporation in 1984, the city has actively supported the creation and expansion of the Design District. Through its progressive growth, the Design District has made a positive impact on the culture and success of West Hollywood. It is just another culturally rich exemplar of West Hollywood’s creativity and innovation over the last 30 years.”

— John Heilman

Mayor Pro Tempore, West Hollywood

“We were over the moon to find our gorgeous space on Melrose in the West Hollywood Design District—this compact enclave is without doubt the control room of the epicenter of fashion, design, art and fine dining in LA. This is the real deal; nowhere else can you find such a concentration of extreme street credibility, all of which is so easily walkable, and never resembles a pedestrian shopping mall.”

— James Jurney

President, Seize Sur Vingt

“From modest bungalows and lavish 1920s European-inspired courtyard buildings to mid-century modern apartments and Cesar Pelli’s “Blue Whale,” the architectural wonders of the West Hollywood Design District have inspired generations of interior decorators and design fans. Always a part of, but apart from, Los Angeles, West Hollywood has long been a center for the city’s vibrant nightlife and a home for artistic mavericks. And West Hollywood’s innovative design community — from William Haines, Tony Duquette, Phyllis Morris, Sally Sirkin Lewis, Rose Tarlow and Robert Kuo to a host of 21st century talents — have made the glamorous fantasy of contemporary California design a reality that is recognized and celebrated around the world.”

— David A. Keeps

Design Journalist

“Ever since my first decorating project back in 1994, it seems like I have spent half my life in the West Hollywood Design District. Though it has changed a lot since then, the area has got better and better as time has gone by with more fashion stores and the pleasant ambiance of the tree-lined streets of the neighborhood.”

— Annie Kelly

Decorator, Magazine Editor and Author

“I chose the West Hollywood Design District to build my first showroom in 1984 because of the energy and creative environment.”

— Robert Kuo

Owner, Robert Kuo

“Founded in 1996, the West Hollywood Design District strengthens the City’s economic vitality and improves the overall aesthetics and functionality of our City streets. Thanks to its success, West Hollywood has become a cultural destination for high-caliber design, art, fashion, design and beauty. It’s a win-win partnership between the business community and the City.”

— Abbe Land

Councilmember, West Hollywood

“The West Hollywood Design District is the western edge of cool fashion and luxe home furnishings in North America.”
One Word: Intricate

— Thomas Lavin

Owner, Thomas Lavin

“Every instinct in me said that this area was poised to become a focal point for our industry — and that was in 1968 when I first came to the West Hollywood Design District and opened my showroom on Melrose Avenue in 1972. Our first year was a thrilling time because some people said we wouldn’t last six months.”

— Sally Sirkin Lewis

Owner, J. Robert Scott

“When we opened in 2008 the area just had an energy that felt right for us to open our first West Coast location – all my favorite places are close by. It is a pleasure to be among such wonderful galleries, stores and institutions.”

— Phillip Lim

Fashion Designer & Owner, 3.1 Phillip Lim

``West Hollywood has long been on the cutting edge of design; whether it be restaurants, with trend-setting culinary offerings or architectural concepts as well as pioneering policy makers that have paved the way for the rest of society. I saw it when I was first elected in 1997 and have been a proud witness and supporter of its continuous growth over the last two decades, driven in large measure by the West Hollywood Design District. The ``Decades for Design`` retrospective is a perfect example of West Hollywood's place in the cultural movement that continues to sweep - not only here in Los Angeles County and across the great State of California - but the nation as well. West Hollywood is truly the stylish mecca of this great land of ours and will continue to be so for years to come.``

— Jeffrey Prang

Councilmember, West Hollywood

“It has been my destiny to be here among the most globally recognized talent in the world, where we offer products and services that simply cannot be duplicated. I feel very much at home here with good people who are also my friends and colleagues.”
One Word: Elegant

— Marco Pelusi

Owner, Marco Pelusi

“When it comes to interior design in Los Angeles, the West Hollywood Design District has become the epicenter for creativity and innovation– which is why I chose to open my store on Melrose Avenue in 2007.”

— Alexandra Von Furstenberg

Owner, Alexandra Von Furstenberg

“Since I first dipped my toes in the intoxicating waters of the beau monde in 1989, I’ve watched the West Hollywood Design District evolve from a relatively small (albeit fertile) incubator of creativity into a seething cauldron of cultural ferment and innovation driven by design and recognized around the globe.”

— Mayer Rus

West Coast Editor, Architectural Digest

“The West Hollywood Design District is the unpretentious center of fine art, design and fashion for Southern California which is why we moved here in 1994.”
One Word: Dynamic

— George Stern

Owner, George Stern Fine Arts

``We chose the West Hollywood Design District for our flagship location because it was and still is the center of the design in Los Angeles. We’re very excited to be part of the international design community visible from the street. The Design District is a vibrant place with plenty of design showrooms and upscale art galleries. Many designers and customers come to this area from all over the country because it offers many international choices and they can walk under the sun with the warm weather with the beautiful California vibes.”

— Anna Paola Snaidero

Owner, Snaidero Kitchens USA

``I have been in the West Hollywood Design District for twenty-plus years without regret. The area is traffic friendly, restaurant friendly and people friendly.”
One Word: Jazzy

— Louis Stern

Owner, Louis Stern Fine Arts

“We didn’t find the West Hollywood Design District — it found us.”

— George Sugarman, on behalf of his father Lou Sugarman

President of Decorative Carpets, Inc.

“West Hollywood – and specifically the West Hollywood Design District – was the perfect place to open Craig’s. It is an exciting and fast-growing community, home to high-end designers, world class boutiques, entertainers, people working in fashion, artists and galleries, business men and women and, of course, fine dining. The area attracts an amazingly diverse clientele and is easily accessible from multiple communities.”

— Craig Susser

Owner, Craig’s Restaurant

“I believe in individual design so as not to be cookie cutter but rather push the limits that inspire. The West Hollywood Design District is full of innovative and creative people who are passionate and think out of the box. I feel I belong here in a city that is open for unique and cutting edge design creativity.”
One Word: Non-conformist

— Mary Ta

Owner, Minotti Los Angeles

“The West Hollywood Design District is the center of culture and fashion in California. There was no other place where we wanted to open our first store on the West Coast.”

— John Varvatos

Fashion Designer, Owner of John Varvatos

“Our vision, as we expanded, was to become a part of the West Hollywood Design District which promotes businesses to explore their creativity. The zeal of the Design District helps businesses continuously innovate, making us all industry leaders.”

— Gary Trudell

Owner, Custom Comfort Reserve

“Melrose Avenue has always been and always will be the jewel in the crown that is West Hollywood. And the West Hollywood Design District is and always will be the hub of the design world.”
One Word: Jewel

— Rose Tarlow

Owner, Rose Tarlow Melrose House

One Word: Eclectic

— Nathan Turner

Owner, Nathan Turner

“Melrose Avenue is a destination known around the world for interior design. Between New York and West Hollywood, the weather made the decision for us to be in the West Hollywood Design District.”
One Word: Perfect

— Janet Yonaty

Owner, Janet Yonaty

“The West Hollywood Design District was an obvious choice for us when it was time to pick a location for our venue. Because of the rich diversity of the community of West Hollywood, the city is dynamic, eclectic and trendy.”
One Word: Trendy

— Nathalie Pouille-Zapata & Guillermo Zapata

Co-owners Sur Lounge and Restaurant