Know Your Neighbors: Ada of Ed’s Coffee Shop

Update August 2018: Ed’s Coffee shop is no longer open. See the Eater article about the closure

Amid the West Hollywood Design District’s posh passerby’s and chic shops, sits Ed’s Coffee Shop on North Robertson Blvd. While there are plenty of high-end boutiques and restaurants in the neighborhood, Ed’s has remained the essential breakfast place for locals for over 50 years!

Ed’s Coffee Shop is a family run business that is currently managed by the late Ed’s daughter, Ada. Like so many neighborhoods, there are always special places that help foster a community. Ed’s is certainly one of those special places. With the friendly staff and the welcoming energy, you truly feel like you’re eating at your home kitchen. With the walls lined with old family photos, Ada says they treat their customers like family.

Growing up at the restaurant, Ada has seen the West Hollywood Design District evolve. There is so much social activism that brings the city together. Ed’s Coffee Shop continues to thrive by giving the community access to a genuine and relaxed setting.

Ed’s has become home to many regulars, as well as a place for groups to meet. Three nights a week they hold AA meetings, they also come together to drive local food donations and attain gift certificates for National Night Out. A few week’s ago they even hosted the new Sheriff for a meet and greet with some members of the community.

It is truly inspiring when we as a community can give back and support each other and that is what makes Ed’s Coffee Shop so special. Ed’s secret to having so many loyal patrons is the atmosphere of friendship and acceptance that Ada’s parents, Sybil and Ed, instilled when opening up in 1960.

Next time you are in the West Hollywood Design District, be sure to swing by for a hot coffee and some tasty huevos rancheros!


Visit Ed’s Coffee shop at 460 N Robertson Blvd in the West Hollywood Design District.

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