Boost your Opportunities in Roulette

carole dixon - October 22, 2017 - 0 comments

When I play at roulette at situs bola I choose only the very best bets (you win less overall but you have significantly more low risk than at the other bets).
Be careful to only play at European Roulette as the American one has a supplementary double zero which provides house and edge of the European one, which has a house edge of just 2.70%. On American wheel, the home has an good thing about 5.26% so dont even try ;).
Ill now show you what the best ones to choose:
The Column Bet
If you go through the roulette table you will easily see three columns with 12 numbers each. They are known in
European Roulette as dozens.
The very best method is to gamble on two of the three columns so now you have 24 numbers covered and converted in a 2:1 bet. Statistically you have 63,16% of changes to win like this.
Example: you bet Rp 20,000 on each one of the two columns. In the event that you win, you will end up acquiring Rp 40,000, so you have a profit of Rp 20,000.
Alternatively, the probability of winning in 10 spins reaches least 50%.
ATTENTION: house it’s likely that known to increase in the event that you play a lot of time. For anyone who is winning, walk away with your profits ;).
En Prison European Roulette Rule
This rule (only obtainable in European Roulette) reduces the house edge in fact it is an excellent bet spot to gamble on, but this rule only works on even-money bets: high/low (or 1-18/19-36) bets, even/odd bets and red/black bets. Basically the rule states that if comes out a zero, you obtain back half of the gamble or you can leave the complete bet for another spin.
This technique reduces the casino edge right down to 1.35%. Thats an excellent method to try ;).
Situation Bets
Situation bets have the chances highly against you (thats the reason why of the payout being high.
However, if you study the numbers that come out during some spins (100 or even more) you could have a clear notion of numbers that never arrived and you can bet some into that. For me it worked sometimes and as the payout is quite high I utilize it too and keep tracking the numbers which come out all the time.
I have found an excellent and FREE software which will help you with the tracking and analysis of the numbers that came out that’s called Realtime Roulettemaster and is simple to use.
Usually do not play for too much long periods of time.
Remember that its a luck game we can just improve the odds of winning, and in bad days we are able to lose so dont get greedy that is making money for fun
In my website I’ve some more ideas to you to play casino games and increase your odds. Try it out, if you need to win of course!
Remember that those games are addictive. Play Smart

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